Building inspection reports from licenced master builder Graham Parker for complete peace of mind




Graham is always pleased to to discuss your concerns or answer any questions. This does not create any obligation for you to proceed with an inspection and written report.

It's important that you have absolute confidence in Graham's experience and professionalism. As a first step you might care to give Graham a call on either (02) 6568 9113 or (0412 689 113.

If you decide to avail yourself of Graham's valuable services he would then like you to provide the following particulars:-

  Purchaser's name and phone number
  Purchaser's postal address
  Address of property to be inspected
  Name of Real Estate Agent involved
  Your Solicitor or Conveyancer's name
  Solicitor or Conveyancer's phone number
  Name of the proposed Lending Institution


Most people are pleasantly surprised by the very reasonable fee for such a valuable and reassuring service.

Inspection fees vary in accordance with the size and complexity of the inspection assignment.  For a typical residential inspection however, the fee is $396 including GST. Most of Graham's clients feel that it is one of the best investments they ever made!



Graham is a long term Member of
The Master Builders Association

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