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"It was a cooking demonstration like they had never seen before. David Hoffman of Dangerous Dan's Butchery fame and Dennis Ryan from Valley of the Mist Bush Fruits and Nuts performing culinary skills in front of several thousand people at Sydney's Darling Harbour.

They threw, they slapped ingredients together, they made it up as they went along and the audience loved every last morsel.

Our local producers have received an unanticipated amount of interest from leaders of the culinary industry. Restaurants in Melbourne have expressed interest in using Nambucca produce. Sydney delicatessens are vying for a chance to display the Taste of Nambucca banner. Food writers and top chefs have literally swamped the producers with offers of culinary stardom."
Mid-Coast Observer - July 2000


"It was a case of taking interest in what was growing naturally. On walks into the bush Dennis and Marilyn Ryan continued their interest in bush foods.

Having been inspired by Vic Cherikoff (bush tucker pioneer and advocate) they investigated the types of food which would grow in the region. They planned how they would get a slice of the fledgling market.

It took 18 months on a waiting list to get hold of cuttings and seedlings of the Davidson Plum and they chose two varieties. And in 1994 they also planted aniseed and lemon myrtle, Lilli Pilli (Riberry) and experimented with Warrigal Greens."
Town & Country - July 2000


"With Nambucca produce enjoying a definite competitive advantage due to the area's sub-tropical growing conditions, many value adding activities have begun and the brand name of 'Taste of Nambucca' is being considered to market the area's produce." - Regional First - July 2000


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