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 Universities of the Third Age? 
Universities of the Third Age, or U3As as they are more often called, are voluntary, non-profit organisations which aim to offer older people low-cost educational opportunities that operate in a pleasant, supportive social setting. There are no formal entry requirements, no examinations and no "awards". U3As are built on the premise that, collectively, older people have the skills & knowledge to provide ongoing learning for themselves. After all, "experts" of all kinds in all fields eventually retire! In fact the word "university" in the title is used in the broad, medieval sense of a community of scholars coming together to learn from each other.

It is a basic tenet of U3A that those who learn shall teach and those who teach shall learn, and there shall be no difference between the two. All U3As operate as true cooperatives in which all members are equal and any member can be both a student and a teacher.

 About our Local U3A 
U3A Nambucca Valley was established in 1998 and at the end of 2007 had over 220 members... see more U3A history here. Our local U3A is administered by a Committee of ten members elected at an Annual General Meeting held in March. Membership fees fall due on 1st January each year.

Our course leaders, who in the main are drawn from our membership, have presented many varied and interesting courses including music, philosophy, mah jong, cryptic crosswords, current affairs, Semitic religions, dressmaking, Feldenkrais, poetry, mobile phones, geology, environmental science and lots more. An opportunity also exists for members to meet regularly for lunch at local restaurants or cafés.


  Upcoming Courses  
The range of courses varies from year to year, and is demand driven. If enough members want a course on a particular subject, we will find from within our membership or elsewhere a course leader capable of conducting that course.

A huge range of courses are on offer and you are bound to find at least a few which grab your interest. A link to the Courses List appears in the menu above. You can view it on screen and then print a copy of the Courses List to your computer's printer.


We invite you to become a member of U3A Nambucca Valley Association Incorporated. Please print and complete the membership form (see menu above) then return it to us with your membership fee. If you do not have access to a printer simply handwrite your details on a plain sheet of paper or 'phone the Secretary whose number appears below, to have a form posted to you.

Membership will entitle you to attend as many courses as you wish. Some courses may require additional expenditure to cover the cost of textbooks or rent of venue, but others will require nothing or little else than the cost of photocopying, refreshments etc. Some courses have a limited number of places which can be made available. A few may require you to have prior knowledge of the subject. Most do not have such a requirement.

We are looking forward to an expanding U3A in the Nambucca Valley. Your participation and contribution will increase our ability to offer an exciting range of courses and activities for your enjoyment.


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