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On the downhill run
This is the last day of our visit to Boracay Island. As I type these words Lynn is in her swim togs sitting beside the spa out on our verandah. An outdoor "ceiling fan" affixed to the balcony floor above is turning slowly. She's totally concentrated on a piece of fabric stretched over a thin bamboo frame. It's a piece of complex needlework she has been working upon intermittently for the last 34 years.... I kid you not. I remember buying the pattern for her in Sausalito California (I think) all those years ago. She's now determined to finish it at last before diminished eyesight makes the job too difficult.

Early tomorrow a speedboat will take us to Caticlan Airport for a flight to Manila. After a four hour wait another flight will take us on to Singapore. I've been thinking about that very short runway at Caticlan. If it's so hard to drop down onto that cricket pitch, how much more difficult is it going to be getting up enough speed to lift off ? Best I stop thinking about it.

The last of our Boracay Island photos now follow.

We are enjoying fabulous sunsets like this almost every evening

The beach at D'Mall a few kilometres down the track

Brian downs Singapore Sling whilst waiting for his burger to arrive

Lynn loves getting a fresh kimono, fruit & flowers every day

Tranquil pools like this grace the wall-less hotel lobby

Pristine Puka Beach on Boracay Island

After a few days at the resort we decided to take a 15 minute shuttle bus ride into the nearest town on this small island. It was chock full of low key tourist shops, cafes, market stalls, street vendors and touts. However, unlike some other places in Asia, the touts and street vendors would accept a firm "No" and didn't try to bar our escape route.

Seafood cafe offers to grill a fresh lobster for Lynn

Fingers of green mango and a curry dipping sauce. Mmmm!

Three uniformed teenagers man this sunglasses franchise

The cops arrived in force and dived off to deal with a problem

One of the more sexy tuk tuks we saw at D'Mall

Thousands of well patronised tuk tuks even in this small town

Hooray! Here comes the San Miguel Beer walla

This chef seems to have drunk a little more than iced tea!

How romantic is this scene of paraws at sunset?

The resort's Selana Bar serves drinks and tapas each evening

Just a nice scene at the resort. What more to say?

Tranquil scene from our balcony on our last full day

We farewell the Shangri La as we are ferried to Caticlan Airport

Boracay Finale
Words are inadequate to describe our joy

at being fortunate enough to enjoy a week

in this glorious tropical Filipino resort..

It's been fun to share it with you and we

hope you will likewise share our next

adventure  Click here for Singapore