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Singapore Food and Flowers

Large Chinese medicine shop in Chinatown

Buy this kit and it'll cure anything known to modern man

Lynn & recently arrived Indonesian try to use train ticket machine

Clarke Quay quiet by day but frenetic at night

A seafood dinner with some Kiwi friends

Bolognaise nahhh. It's my delicious Singapore Chilli Crab

Remember those kind Kiwis who saved my bacon back in the Philippines? They relieved us of 17kg of luggage and brought it to Singapore where they now live. We were pleased to spend a couple of evenings with them and knowing how much I love crab they steered us into the Jumbo Seafood Outdoor Restaurant.

Brian could have easily used THREE of these Jumbo bibs

Singapore orchids at Jurong Bird Park

Singapore orchids at Jurong Bird Park

Singapore orchids at Jurong Bird Park

Singapore orchids at Jurong Bird Park

Emperor Penguins at Jurong Bird Park

In addition to having a good feed of chilli crab, the only other culinary item on our Singapore bucket list was to find a really good restaurant specialising in Peking Duck. After much internet research we made our choice and booked our table at the restaurant with the longest name in town..... "The Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant Singapore". That's eight words according to my count!!

The bottom line is that our duck was simply gorgeous. I've never encountered such crisp sweet toffee like duck skin anywhere in the world before. Next time you're in Singapore I suggest you come here for the Peking Duck. Absolutely Yum.

So we went to the best Peking Duck Restaurant in Singapore!

I think this guy had carved thousands of ducks.

All the best parts were laid out on two "China duck platters"

A platter each, hoi-sin sauce, crepes and garnishes. Let's GO

Unfortunately I have to report that just two days short of finishing the vacation Brian has come down with a REALLY REALLY bad case of influenza. It's hit him really hard and the overnight flight to Sydney with an aircraft change in Melbourne. is going to be really long and unpleasant. When we finally reached Sydney we struggled our way out to Matthew and Trish's place at Cronulla and fell into bed.

The following day Brian dragged himself out to the airport again and a couple of hours later were home in Nambucca Heads. What a relief. Sadly Brian is still sick some nine days later and Lynn has joined him on the sick list. The joys of travel. Still lots of time in bed has allowed Lynn and I to continue our research for a planned trip to Colorado, Wyoming and Montana in June. No comments please!!