Brian and Lynn Tonkin's seven week vacation tour commencing 13th March 2010

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Stopped for brekkie and a restroom... skipped the former

A pretty scene on our way to Zion National Park

On the road to Zion..... the American one.

Getting our money's worth out of that Season's ticket

We seen lots of scenery like this but we're loving it all

We stopped for light entertainment at Fort Zion

Fort Zion was pretty kitch but a fun stop nonetheless

Nothing much happened on 17th April 2010 either !!

"Go on Lynn, give him a lick whilst I take a photo"

Indians are not the only guys who like icecream


A VERY politically incorrect poster !!!!

Assume that this is a rude caption

The USA portion of our vacation tour. As we head back into Nevada on our way to Las Vegas Airport we get a tip on The Valley of Fire State Park. Yet another scenic Park? It's only a short detour for us so why not? Actually we're well ahead of schedule so we can take in this Park and still make our flight to Los Angeles with ease. It proved to be a very well worthwhile diversion too.

We really enjoyed our diversion through this pretty Park

No signs but this must surely be called "Rabbit Rock"

Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada

Valley of Fire State Park on our journey to Las Vegas