Brian and Lynn Tonkin's seven week vacation tour commencing 13th March 2010

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We reached Las Vegas in ample time to dump our Hertz Cadillac and catch our flight to Los Angeles. We spent overnight in a somewhat shabby airport hotel and next day board a JAL flight for Tokyo. I've always had a very high opinion of JAL and they didn't let us down this time either. The cabin crew are superb and the food was also great.

A very easy and pampered flight from LAX to Tokyo

Lynn in kimono jacket tucks into a Bento Box luncheon

A lovely Japanese garden near our Tokyo hotel

Many traditionally dressed ladies passed us by this day


Colourful flags in Japanese garden

They were quite happy to pose for me

It rained for much of our three day stay in Tokyo but when the sun came out for a few hours we made the most of it by visiting a large Japanese park with traditional gardens. There was some type of ladies event taking place in the adjacent hotel and we were treated to the sight of many ladies in traditional Japanese costume strolling through the gardens. It was a lovely experience.

A tranquil tea house in a traditional Japanese garden

Perving through the window of elegant Jap patisserie

We flew from Tokyo to Singapore with Japan Airlines again and it was another smooth as silk, when run flight. Frankly we're pretty travel weary now and it's a shame we're not heading straight through to Sydney. Of course Singapore is a great city and I've always admired it's super neat beauty, crime free streets, excellent infrastructure and superb restaurants.

I frankly wasn't in the mood for more cities after Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Tokyo. I therefore downloaded the Singapore Map onto my TomTom GPS navigator and then rented a small car from Avis. BAD IDEA !! Singapore's impeccable highway system is widely guarded by "ping points" which deduct money from a prepaid device on the car's windscreen. It's similar to the Australian system EXCEPT that you have to buy cardboard cards you insert into the device as each card gets depleted. Well our card was exhausted in 10 minutes and finding a place we could buy new cards without getting photographed and fined in the process was an absolute nightmare. Too much of an ordeal to describe here!

A view from our Singapore hotel room

Lion statues can be found everywhere in Singapore

Lions, lons and even more lions

Aerial view of the incredible Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Well this concludes our 2010 tour of the Caribbean, USA, Japan and Singapore. It was a wonderful experience and we feel very privileged to have seen so much and to have done it all in style. Right now I feel like I have no need and no wish to go travelling abroad ever again. However, I know this feeling and I also know that it will dissipate within six to nine months.

God willing, we'll be off on a new adventure before too long and we hope to have you along with us on that journey too. Thanks for your emailed news and supportive comments during the last two months. They were much anticipated and hugely valued.


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