Onwards to Germany - 26th May 2011
Our research had indicated that Mittenwald was a particularly cute Bavarian town and only 150 km from Munich Airport where we have to ditch our car. Sadly we could only spend two nights in Bavaria but we're glad we made the effort. We feel that there's much more good stuff  to see in Bavaria but as we are unlikely to make it back there again, we'll leave it to some of you dear newsletter readers to go there on our behalf and report back to us in due course.

It seems like Bavarian goat herders have complete right of way

Check out the colourful flower boxes on this Bavarian cottage

Our hotel faced onto this miniature mall in Mittenwald.

Any there any Chinese cafes in town? You must be joking !!


Mittenwald is famous for making violins

Pretty young girls await something special

The Bavarians love their flowers and so do we

Many old folks get around town on their bikes

On our last day in Germany we had to drive to a place 8km from Munich Airport and hand over our car to Citroen's agents in that city. It was Saturday afternoon and pouring rain. Nevertheless we had a 5.00pm appointment at a designated location so we were only a tiny bit anxious. When we got to the location the parking lot was barred by a boom-gate and no one was there to meet us, inspect the car, take the keys and sign us off. Furthermore the location was on a seedy little dirt road in a deserted location. Surely we wouldn't be forced to just walk away and leave the car out on the lane? And certainly NOT whilst they are holding an imprint of our credit card !! Whoops, up went our stress meters!!

Well, I'm too tired now to explain how we worked our way around the problem but the good part was that at least a taxi eventually arrived (only 15 minutes late) and we were indeed delivered to our Munich Airport hotel free of charge as originally promised.

Anyhow, early tomorrow morning (ie. 29th May) we boarded a flight from Munich to Madrid so our next webpage will fill you in on what happened to us both in Espania. Until then, enjoy life to the full and be kind to each other.