Wyoming & Yellowstone - 2nd July 2011
The alarm clock went off at 4.45am and we wearily struggled out of bed after little sleep. It's essential to get to the airport in time for our early flights to Dallas TX, change flight onto Denver CO, change flight again and finally reach Jackson Hole WY. It's a complicated day but biggest worry is that the booked limo ride arrives as scheduled and that he's not a bastard like the last one. No need to worry because a text message comes in on the mobile, "the driver has left for your address", a little later another one says, "The driver is about 5 minutes away". And blow me down if the next one doesn't announce "Your driver is outside your front door. What a relief. It turns out to be a shining black Mercedes 350 which smells of new leather and it's driven by a very polite and well groomed hispanic guy. What a change from our New York arrival experience!!

Jackson Hole airport was ringed by snow capped mountains

Our Chevy Traverse in front our half of condo (townhouse

It was a very long day but eventually the pilot of our third flight skimmed over snow capped mountains and dropped the plane quickly onto the tarmac of Jackson Hole Airport in Wyoming. Sunny afternoon, snow capped mountains background, and a cute hassle free terminal. We feel free at last !! Signs bode well for a pleasant five day stay here in Wyoming. We picked up our rental car and drove out of town where we've rented a simple but comfortable one bedroom apartment in a small residential complex.

This balloon took off right in front of our car

We shared some good laughs with this bunch of elderly cyclists

Over the next several days we explored both Great Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Even though they exist cheek by jowl the two parks are quite different. We preferred the scenery and lack of traffic in Grand Teton NP but Yellowstone National Park was definitely superior when it comes to wildlife spotting. Anyhow, a picture is worth a thousand words so we'll let the following photos tell our story.

One of several entrances into Grand Teton National Park

Thrilling for we Aussies to be cruising through this of type scenery

We spent a pleasant hour or so mooching around Jenny Lake

An eagle and nest on telegraph pole extension


The countryside was simply magnificent

Some Chinese tourists took a shot of us amidst the wildflowers

A majestic buck checked us out from an elevated ridge

Ok, so here are some more widflowers and mountains


It's early July but the summer crowds havn't hit the Park yet

A startled deer just before it bolted

We drove from Grand Teton Nat Park to Yellowstone Nat Park

This intent fly fisherman was unaware of my presence


Doe and fawn crossing a narrow stream to green pasture beyond

A REALLY close look at a passing bison!

A head of bison drinking from a shallow stream

A long range zoomed shot of a black bear in Yellowstone


Brian reckons he saw a fish.... HOW BIG ???

The Old Faithful geyser goes off every hour

This green meadow and serpentine stream was just gorgeous

We didn't want to tangle with this guy. No way!


I'm looking at him and he's looking at me. Disappointing all round!

Lynn at the wheel of our Chevy Taverse. Fabulous scenery.

I guess this is as close as we dare get to this big fella.

We visited the Liu family in Los Angeles. Long time friends. 

We were sad to leave Wyoming and vowed we'd come back here again before too long. We really fell in love with the scenery and the whole Rocky Mountains ambience. If we do indeed come back you will undoubtable find a link to where we went and what we did if you visit our family website at www.tonkin.net.au 

Finally, after leaving Wyoming we experienced a violent storm in Denver CO which kept us locked in an aircraft on the tarmac for several hours. We finally arrived four hours late in Los Angeles where we were met by our old and dear friends the Liu Family (see last photo above). It was great to spend a night and a day with them in their lovely home before finally ending our 77 day vacation and flying home to Australia. What a grand odyssey it has all been. We feel very privileged to have had this incredible experience and it's been great to have you along for this cyber ride.