Around the world in 77 days!
Unlike Phileas Fogg and his faithful manservant Passepatout, we should escape most of the travails of circumnavigating the globe in under 80 days. We won't create news headlines as we reach each new port and sadly we won't collect a cash prize at the end of our circumnavigation journey. Our only trophy will be a combined Amex and Mastercard statement. So whereas dear old Phineas was able to to buy multiple rounds of drinks for all the Members of his London club, I daresay we, on the other hand, will be begging for drinks and free meals until such time as we have satisfied the Commonwealth Bank of Australia following our return home

Last time your correspondent undertook a global circumnavigation he was a spritely 23 year old. He was a wet behind the ears and totally inexperienced  international traveller with little money in his pocket. However he was full of energy, confidence and ambition. This time around we observe an overweight and balding gentleman who hopes to bridge the gap by being armed with a little more cash and the native cunning which comes from previous travels to here and there during the course of the following years. Of course the real ace up my sleave this time is the lovely Lynn, my boon companion and tower of strength for the last 44 years.

Even so, looking down the barrel of a 77 day journey is pretty intimidating as we stand at the starting gate. Over recent weeks I have increasingly asked myself whether we are bonkers to bite off so much at this time of life. Each time I've come back to the original theme and main motivation..... it's either now or never.

It's a pleasure to have you all along as our cyber travelling companions so now on with the tour.